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Jade International (Far East) Limited is a manufacturer and major exporter of magnetic health jewelry, imitation jewelry, and magnetic healthy supports. We have over 15 years of experience in producing and developing healthy products. We have over 3,000 designs and our experienced technical tram is able to produce your custom design with satisfaction (within 15 days for sampliing and 25 days for production). A million pieces of magnetic bangles and bracelets are sold all over the world in past years. People in all nations comment they have experienced the benefits of magnetic products and many of them recommended them to their friends. One of the magor elements leading to our success is that our products are produced according to our customers' requirements.


We valued and believed in:

  • Best Price
  • Best Quality
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Fast Delivery

Our products meet the Nickel Free Standard of EN1811 and EN12472 in European markets. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our sales person, they will be very happy to serve you.

Brand Name : Apolla®, Magic, Sakura are our registered brand name.

Delivery: 25-30 days after order confirmation
Min. Qty: 200pcs / design
Payment: Wire transfer (30% deposit and outstanding balance before shipment) or Irrevocable L/C sight.


Our Bank Information
Banker Name: Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: Tai Koo Shing Branch, G502 Tai Yue Ave, Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong
Account Name: Jade International (Far East) Ltd.
Bank Account No.: 352-82-02366-6
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Comapany Profile What's Magnetic Therapy



What is Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is a natural therapy which does not involve drugs or other complicated procedure as in acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, or elaborate diets. When magnets are placed on human body, the magnetic field penetrates the skin tissue and bones and thus helps to improve blood curculation and stimulates the body to heal by itself.

Poor blood circulation can be to blame for many of today's ills. The use of magnets can help enormously in combating the effects of migraine, neck, back and knee pain, rheumatism, arthritis, cramp, gout, angina, depression, period pains and insomnia. Poor blood circulation can cause the whole body to be 'below par'. Magnetic therapy can improve this, and give a whole new impetus for life.



Magnetic therapy dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Magnets have long been believed to have healing powers associated with muscle pain and stiffness. In 200B.C., Chinese physicians used magnetic lodestones in therapy and put them on the human body to correct unhealthy, imbalance flow of qi, or energy. The ancient Chinese medical text known as The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal MEdicine describes this procedure. The Vedas, or ancient Hindu scriptures, also mention the treatment of diseases with lodestones. The word "lodestone" or leading stone came from the use of these stones as compasses. The word "magner" probably stems from the Greek Magnes lithos, or "stone from Magnesia", a region of Greece rich in magnetic stones. The Greek phrase later became magneta in Latin.

The secret of Magnetic Therapy is that its unique multi-directional Electro Magnetic Force (EMF) relieves pain and enhances the speed of healing processes.

The belief in the healing power of magnets is nothing new. It is even said that Cleopatra were a magnetic lodestone to keep her young and beautiful. More recently NASA, the American Space Agency, have uysed magnetic therapy to cure space sickness. The use of magnetic therapy has become more and more popular in recent years. In Japan, the use of magnets is now regarded as a vital tool in overcoming stress in everyday life. In the West magnets are widely used by sportsmen to relieve pain and help in the healing of injuries.



Magnetic Therapy claims to have good effect in the treatment of many ailments including:

  • Pain relief
  • Control swelling
  • More restful sleep
  • Increase tissue oxygenation
  • Relief of stress
  • Increase cellular oxygen level
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve anti-infective activity
  • Reduce water retention

i.e. remove harmful toxins and improve circulation of oxygen, proteins and minerals around the body. This assists growth of healthy new cell and initiates the body to heal itself by its natural ability.


Is magnet safe for everyone?

Research shows that there are no harmful side effects caused by the use of magnets. They shouldn't, however, be used by people fitted with heart pacemakers.


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